Stalker Stories 02 (disc)

Stalker Stories 02 (disc)

Stalker Stories 02 (disc)

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Four smoking hot girls! They are innocent and unsuspecting until they are suddenly grabbed, gagged and tightly bound! Helpless to escape, they face the terror of crazed stalkers whose only desire is to tie them even tighter and get his rough hands on their soft young bodies! First beautiful blonde Lori and super-sexy brunette Tracey are trapped in their own home by a madman. He ties them over and over as he fondles their sweet breasts. Helpless to stop him, they scream into their gags as he paws their soft flesh! And wait until you see the stunning surprise ending! Then Pheonix is washing her car when she catches the eye of a stranger. Soon she is tightly bound, her top is ripped off and stinging clothspins are clamped painfully on her tender nipples. She can only watch in terror as he comes ever closer! And last it is the Bondage Diva herself, the glorious Vesta, who picks a fight with the wrong car mechanic. He shuts the beautiful blonde up right, with sticky tape and huge, jaw cracking ball gags! Tightly bound, her eyes widen with fear as he readies a shipping crate to receive its quivering cargo! Stalker Stories 2 is the breathtaking sequel youve all been clamoring for! Over an hour and a half of drop dead gorgeous girls in tight ropes and tighter gags! Blondes and brunettes roped and groped! Cleave, tape and ball gags! Heels, boots, bare and stocking feet! And the great adventure storylines youve come to expect from David, Juliet and the House of Thrills!

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